Olympus Perspective Playgrounds and Fotokunstpfad Zingst

Since its beginnings Ken Schluchtmann is the visual messenger of the Olympus Perspective Playground. The integrated spatial communication campaign for the optical products of Olympus has started in 2013 and created more than 12 playgrounds and a whole “PhotoArtPath” (Zingst) with over 300,000 visitors in Germany, France, The Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland: one of the most successful marketing strategies of Olympus.
We have seen Ken’s pictures from Hamburg, Munich and Paris, just to name a few and now the latest one, the Playground in the Carlswerk in Kologne Muelheim. Curated by Regina Tetens with ambient installations of Numen/For use, Humatic, Doering/Lauber, Haruka Kojin, Martin Butler, schnellebuntebilder, Sibylle Oellerich and Katharina Göbel – all seen here through the lense of Ken Schluchtmanns well as the newly opened Olympus Fotokunstpfad Zingst in the famous holiday location at the Baltic Sea in Germany. Zingst is on the move to change in an open air exhibition space for international contemporary art inviting the visitors to interact thanks to the means of photography. New perspectives to be explored and documented with the help of a camera.

Agency: Vitamin e
more information: Persepctive Playground