Salon international de’l automobile Genève, Techrules


The engineering company Techrules from Bejing has presented two concept cars with a compeletly new type of engine at the Geneva Auto Show: 1030bhp Turbine-Recharged Electric Vehicles (TREV) AT96 and GT96 with one of the most unusal drivetrain concepts and a theoretical top speed of 217mph all in carbonfibre.

Such unique supercars needed an extraordinary booth, designed by creative agency Blue Scope with offices in Berlin, Shanghai and Hong Kong. White Corian creates the right backdrop to underline the characteristics of the two cars in exhibition. The booth’s arc with the fins alludes to the turbines underlining the importance of the microturbines used to keep its batteries charged, which in turn power an electric drive motor.

Architecture & Concept: Bluescope, Berlin


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