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The Sage Hospital is located in the Senegal 80km south of Dakar.

Initiated by two stewardesses members and friends of the Sage Club Berlin and founded the non-profit association Sage Hospital e.V. in 2003. They declared to support the hospital for 10 years.

Now the house is reconditioned for the second time and equiped with an ambulance, needed technik and consumer goods. The team of Dr. Amie Labou and 6 nurses care for about 700 patients per month. Beside this they especialliy care for babys and children. So there are born about 60 babys ervery year.

To generate money for this project the Sage Club in cooperation with and Manteuffel Entertainment yearly organised charity events like partys, open-air & classical concerts and art exhibitons in Berlin and Hamburg. Further a lot of private people spend money and equipment for the project.

Only by the assistance of many people a permanent success and thus an assistance for local humans is possible.

The hospital

The hospital was built by the government of the Senegal. Later the administration of Warang had to care for it. Because there was not enough money the house went down to a ruin in the further years.

The two stewardesses Cynthia Clotthey and Katharina von Ballestrem saw the situation and came back with Jan Schröder. The Sage Hospital e.V. made a contract about a sponsorship with the village elder.

Within the last years the hospital became not only a functionable house but an important social place in the village too. So mothers can come with their children to meet and talk to each other and get help in actual problems. Even the hospital crew teaches them in hygienic themes and how to prevent illness.

The surrounding

Warang is a small village beside the coast about two hours south of Dakar. The people mainly live of fishing, farming and very little tourism. The next district town is MBour 10km away.

The fotos were made in the capital Dakar, MBour and Warang. The shown primary school is located in Nianing, 2km south of the hospital.

The work

Before the last raining period a team of seven members of the Sage Hospital e.V. travelled to the Senegal for up to three weeks.

They organised about 1to of needed things and brought them to the hospital. In Warang they installed a new generator and repaired the roofs. Beside many other jobs they painted the painted all houses inside and outside with the support of local people.

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Pictures in cooperation with Peer Schröder

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