April 2018

Hotel Juvet, Norway

Dienstag, 10. April 2018


The Juvet Landscape Hotel designed by architects Jensen & Skodvin is located in a nature reserve in Åndalsnes, a town in north-western Norway near the Gudbrandsjuvet gorge and its spectacular waterfall. It is located on the scenic road towards Trollstigen, another great destination for nature lovers. At the Juvet Landscape Hotel the rooms are scattered across the site to conserve the landscape and the concept of sustainability goes beyond the classic criteria of reducing energy consumption and using renewable materials.

The real beauty of this place is expertly rendered in the previously unpublished images by the photographer Ken Schluchtmann, who went back to Norway last summer to complete his photography project called “Architecture and Landscape in Norway”. Schluchtmann has been coming here for eight years to document the architecture and artworks popping up along the famous National Landscape Routes for a unique visual narrative that showcases the natural and architectural beauties of Norway.

Architecture: Jensen & Skodvin