September 2017

BMW, IAA Motorshow Frankfurt a.M. – highlight presentation

Samstag, 16. September 2017


“This is tomorrow. Now.” Following this guiding principle, the BMW Group’s exhibition at the Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA) from 14 to 24 September showcases an unprecedented spectrum of topics, from BMW i and the latest products for the luxury segment, to BMW M, MINI and BMW Motorrad, as well as the latest developments from the world of mobility services.

The 10,500 m² booth in Hall 11 with its very dynamic architecture comprises highly emotive topic zones, generous aisles, extensive vistas and highlight spots. Details shown in the crisp photographs shot by Ken Schluchtmann around the Vision Loop, the core event area of the BMW booth, comprising 550 seats surrounded by a 150-metre circular track. All in the spirit of the mission of the BMW Group: redefining mobility and challenging the status quo.

Agency press conferences: Bluescope Berlin
Agency daily show: Meiré & Meiré


Grand Basel, exceptional automobiles in the cultural context of design, architecture and art

Donnerstag, 07. September 2017


There is a new global salon for the world’s most important and valuable automobiles: Grand Basel, launched by the world leading live marketing company MCH Group, headquartered in Basel/Switzerland. For this new challenge, Berlin-based design agency BlueScope has designed an exclusive setting based on a contemporary design language in contrast to the often nostalgic ambience of established car events.

The ideal context for an exclusive shooting by Ken Schluchtmann. Between cars and amazing interior design he shares this sneak peak of the avant premiere in Basel as launch event for the fair to be held in September 2018, first in Basel, then in Miami and in Hong Kong.

Ken Schluchtmann has portrayed the four automobiles presented in the two modules. “Ideals in transition” with Giorgetto Giugiaro, Bertone Corvair Testudo, 1962/3, and Rem D. Koolhaas, Lo Res Car, 2017, while “Dimensions of urbanity” was dedicated to Avions Voisin, C25 Aérodyne, 1935, and Iso Rivolta Vision Gran Turismo, 2017, by Andrea Zagato.
A fresh glimpse on a totally new concept of car presentation where the automobiles are exhibited in a museum-like scenario with an absolute

more informationy: Grand Basel


Bentley Continental GT

Donnerstag, 07. September 2017


A unique visual interpretation for a one-of-a-kind car: Bentley’s Continental GT. The Continental GT with its unprecedented style is a phenomenally powerful, beautifully designed and exquisitely crafted car redefining what a grand tourer can be.

In a production in northeast Germany in early sping Ken Schluchtmann catched with his attentive eye the luxury feeling of this car conceived to delight every sense of its users.


Allmannajuvet Zinc Museum by Peter Zumthor

Donnerstag, 07. September 2017


During his trip to Norway this summer, Ken Schluchtmann stopped at Allmannajuvet Zinc Museum in Sauda.

The museum is one of the 10 largest attractions along the National Tourist Routes and was commissioned to Swiss architect Peter Zumthor by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration in 2002. It opened last year and aims to bring the history of the briefly booming yet now abandoned Norwegian Allmannajuvet zinc mine to a broader public.

The architecture consists in a combination of three sleek, minimal volumes and industrial aesthetics. Ken Schluchtmann is the first photographer who pictures not only the architecture but shares with us also its natural context for a better comprehension of Zumthor’s project