März 2017

Bentley Bentayga Diesel – South Tyrol, Italy

Freitag, 03. März 2017


The shooting of the new Bentayga Diesel, the first diesel in Bentley’s history has taken place in an amazing setting: Meran in the Italian Dolomites. Unique locations challenging the Bentayga, „a SUV for every kind of journey“ to show it’s particular combination of practicality, power and luxury with innovative technology.

The first stop was the famous vinery Manincor in Kaltern, the largest wine estate in South Tyrol, since 1606 a family operation with charm and personality – in legacy to the meaning of the family name itself because „Man-in-cor“ means roughly „Hand on heart“.

Then there was the Jaufenpass waiting for the Bentley Bentayga Diesel with its wonderful snowy mountain landscape on 2094 meters. Curvy roads for amazing photographs taken by Ken Schluchtmann from a flying helicopter to catch the very essence of the car performance with its refined 8-cylinder diesel engine.

The trip ended in the new luxury resort San Luis, opened just a couple of month ago at Avelengo not far from Meran. In the middle of a 40 hectares alpine park with a beautiful lake there are wooden chalets and tree-houses welcoming the guests in a minimal yet balanced and comfortable style in close relation to the breathtaking nature of the Dolomites.

A unique backdrop for a one-of-a-kind SUV!


Exhibition and shooting – BMW Luxury Excellence Pavillon during the 67th Berlin International Film Festival

Freitag, 03. März 2017


The BMW Luxury Excellence Pavillon is a temporary pavilion showcasing the BMW brand’s extensive expertise in contemporary luxury, innovative technologies, high-quality design and fine craftsmanship and had its world premiere in Berlin during the 67th Berlin International Film Festival. This one-of-a-kind pop-up store built in the classical modern style fitted perfectly into the expansive landscape of the Ministerial Gardens, in the very heart of the German capital.

With the BMW Luxury Excellence Pavilion and the floating geometry of its timeless and elegant architecture, BMW is adopting a new approach to reach out to an urban luxury-conscious target group. The fully-variable modular design of the pop-up pavilion concept means that temporary brand displays can be set up at or near relevant targeted events.

Ken Schluchtmann was not only invited to photograph the project but to present his award-winning photography project “Architecture and landscape in Norway” exclusively in the BMW Pavilion so that a private viewing of his work completed this fascinating experience of contemporary luxury.

After Berlin, the BMW Luxury Excellence Pavilion and the exhibition will be deployed around the globe at events that are relevant for the target group. Planned stops are Moscow and St. Petersburg (Russia), Porto Cervo (Sardinia, Italy), Toronto (Canada) and in Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands.

Next Stop is Warsaw (Poland), starting from 9th of march.


Interview – BMW Luxury Excellence Pavillon during the 67th Berlin International Film Festival

Freitag, 03. März 2017