Oktober 2013

diephotodesigner.de become „World Architectural Photographer of the Year 2013“

Mittwoch, 09. Oktober 2013


At the World Architectural Festival (WAF) in Singapore diephotodesigner.de become again „World Architectural Photographer of the Year 2013“ by winning the „Arcaid Images Archtiectural Photography Awards“.

“In Schluchtmann’s image the viewer experiences a sense of terror at how the raw power of nature appears to overwhelm the fragile manmade structures clinging to the cliff edge. Confronted by this elemental energy, humanity appears totally insignificant. All we can do is gasp in awe. It reminds me of that famous German Romantic painting by Caspar David Friedrich ‘Wanderer Above a Sea of Fog’. It’s extremely compelling and dramatic, yet it also has a quiet intensity and beauty in its muted colours and soft light. It doesn’t shout to get your attention but is nonetheless an exquisitely riveting image that touches your emotions in a way that goes well beyond its obvious technical accomplishment.” – Catherine Slessor, The Architectural Review

Winning the award for the second time (after 2012) makes us very happy. This even more as we got four pictures in three categories shortlisted. Many thanks to the jury rewarding our work in this way.

This year’s judges were: Zaha Hadid, Ivan Harbour, Catherine Slessor, Eva Jiricna and Graham Stirk.