A life changing journey in pictures

Freitag, 16. November 2018



More than 20 years ago, Ken Schluchtmann undertook a journey that would change his life forever. What started off as an ordinary vacation evolved into an immersive experience, stepping inside an entirely different world featuring a visual intensity impossible to be captured in words.

Several years later – by then Schluchtmann had quit his law studies and was graduating from Lette-Verein Berlin as a photo designer – he specialized in architectural and landscape photography and began to develop the unique visual language that characterizes his iconic style. 

Since then, Ken Schluchtmann has returned to Norway more than 15 times and is now sharing the results of his trips during the past eight years. His exhibition „Architecture and Landscape in Norway“ at the Felleshus of the Nordic Embassies in Berlin is an examination of the country, its impressive landscapes and its contemporary architecture. 

04.10.2018 – 17.01.2019
Felleshus of the Nordic Embassies
Rauchstrasse 1
10787 Berlin

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Architecture and Landscape in Norway – the opening

Freitag, 16. November 2018


„… The Norwegian Embassy in Berlin is delighted to host the exhibition “Architecture and Landscape” by the photographer Ken Schluchtmann at the Common House of the Nordic Embassies in Berlin from October 4, 2018 until January 17, 2019.

The exhibition features photographs from architect and art projects along the Norwegian National Routes, which Schluchtmann has covered extensively over many years. With his photos Ken Schluchtmann sets a high standard for architectural photography, as well as for capturing the surrounding landscapes of the installations and buildings along the routes.

The exhibition is curated by Janike Kampevold Larsen, associate professor at the Institute of urbanism and landscape of The Oslo School of Architecture and Design. The exhibition project has been selected for the official program of European Month of Photography in Berlin, a testimony to the high quality of Schluchtmann’s work. …“

Aslaug Nygård
Embassy Counsellor and Head of Press, Information and Cultural Affairs

04.10.2018 – 17.01.2019
Felleshus of the Nordic Embassies
Rauchstrasse 1
10787 Berlin

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Event “The Rooms – A Design and Food Experience”

Donnerstag, 22. März 2018

The founder of Berlin Food Week, Alexander van Hessen with Christian von Manteuffel and Ken Schluchtmann came up with the concept of the “The Rooms – A Design and Food Experience” evening, in collaboration with the team from the international architectural website Floornature and the gallery manager, Dorota Wisniewska. The event mission was to showcase the multifunctional and versatile reality of Berlin’s FAB Fiandre Architectural Bureau in Bergmannkiez, Kreuzberg in the world of Sarotti-Höfe.

It was a real voyage of the senses, where the location, the culinary delights crafted by chef Marcus Herbicht from Schmelzwerk, lights and sounds all blended together for a truly immersive experience.

Olympus Perspective Playgrounds and Fotokunstpfad Zingst

Dienstag, 06. Dezember 2016

Since its beginnings Ken Schluchtmann is the visual messenger of the Olympus Perspective Playground. The integrated spatial communication campaign for the optical products of Olympus has started in 2013 and created more than 12 playgrounds and a whole “PhotoArtPath” (Zingst) with over 300,000 visitors in Germany, France, The Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland: one of the most successful marketing strategies of Olympus.
We have seen Ken’s pictures from Hamburg, Munich and Paris, just to name a few and now the latest one, the Playground in the Carlswerk in Kologne Muelheim. Curated by Regina Tetens with ambient installations of Numen/For use, Humatic, Doering/Lauber, Haruka Kojin, Martin Butler, schnellebuntebilder, Sibylle Oellerich and Katharina Göbel – all seen here through the lense of Ken Schluchtmanns well as the newly opened Olympus Fotokunstpfad Zingst in the famous holiday location at the Baltic Sea in Germany. Zingst is on the move to change in an open air exhibition space for international contemporary art inviting the visitors to interact thanks to the means of photography. New perspectives to be explored and documented with the help of a camera.

Agency: Vitamin e
more information: Persepctive Playground


Common Fest Beirut

Dienstag, 05. Mai 2015


Common Fest is an Arts & Culture Public event which aims to create a link between Lebanon and the global arts scene. A fantastic location in the middle of the city, inviting people to experience a rich blend of arts and culture bridging the cities of Beirut and Berlin, with artists from Lebanon, Germany , Denmark, France, Spain and the USA. Ken Schluchtmann was part of it from 7th to 10h of may and presented with an exclusive selection of his Norwegian series.

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Common Fest Beirut
Common Fest Facebook


Common Fest Beirut – Watch the Video

Montag, 04. Mai 2015

Inside Rolls-Royce – exhibition at Saatchi Gallery London

Montag, 15. Dezember 2014


In a one-of-a-kind setting like the Saatchi Gallery of London, from 13th to 16th November 2014 visitors could experience a multi-sensory brand exhibition. “Inside Rolls-Royce” is a newly created event to share the art of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars with passionates. A first-hand look at the craftmanship, artisan skill and advanced technology employed by Rolls-Royce to create the best car in the world – all seen by the attentive eye of Ken Schluchtmann.

More information: Inside Rolls_Royce


11. Berliner Hoffest von Klaus Wowereit

Donnerstag, 30. Juni 2011


The Sage Hospital e.V. again was invited by his protector the major of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit to present the project at the annual „Hoffest“ in the city hall.

This year we showed an exhibition in cooperation with Marco Riedel from Room Division.

Together with the children of Warang we worked out some pictures with the theme „it’s in your hands“ at our last trip to Senegal. They painted their thoughts about the relationship to the hospital. This was initiated to give them a feeling of partnership and responsibility for each other.

The result were 18 small pieces of art which we sold to interested guests. The profit will proceed directly to the project again.

There are still some pictures left. If you are interested please contact Marco at marco@roomdivision.com

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What a perfect day! – The Movie

Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2011

Thanks to Lars and Flo from Voodoopop and Ingo Brunner for making tis movie possible – thanks to Dr. Motte & Robert Babicz for the sound!

Bungee Episode I

Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011

Bungee Episode II

Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011

What a perfect day!

Mittwoch, 01. Juni 2011


206 Flüge und über 600 Besucher!

1000 Dank an das Park Inn Berlin-Alexanderplatz, Jochen Schweizer mit seiner Crew und alle freiwilligen Helfer, Sponsoren und Gäste – Ihr wart MEGAMEGAMEGA!!!

Insgesamt kamen an diesem Tag fast 14.000 Euro an Spenden zusammen. Das bedeutet für das Krankenhaus den Unterhalt für die kommenden 10 Monate, 6 Angestellte mit über 70 Familienangehörigen in Lohn und Brot und die Versorgung von ca. 8000 Patienten! Ein grosser Tag mit einem tollen Ergebnis!

Alle 220 Bilder des Tages liegen in der Sage Hospital Gallerie.

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Fliegen hilft!

Dienstag, 10. Mai 2011


Das Sage Restaurant, der Sage Club und diephotodesigner.de veranstalten zusammen mit Jochen Schweizer ein Charity-Event zugunsten des Sage Hospital auf der Dachterrasse des Hotel Park Inn.

Allen Besuchern bietet sich die einmalige Gelegenheit die 125 Meter zwischen Dachterrasse und Alexanderplatz in 8 Sekunden zurückzulegen!

Die Sängerin Lucy Diakovska wird selber „fliegen“ und zusammen mit der Band The Boss Hoss, sowie dem Schauspieler Raphael Vogt als Flugpaten die Teilnehmer an die Hand nehmen.

Parallel wird es eine Cocktail Lounge der Barschule Berlin mit Flair Bartendering geben. Für den entsprechenden Sound sorgen diverse DJs aus der Berliner Clubszene.

Schirmherr des Events ist der Regierende Bürgermeister von Berlin Klaus Wowereit.

Der Solidaritätsbeitrag für das Base Flying beträgt EUR 49. Man kann aber auch einfach nur zum Feiern vorbei kommen. Der Eintritt beträgt dann EUR 5. Tickets sind buchbar unter www.base-flying.de oder vor Ort am Jochen Schweizer Check-In Counter in der Lobby des Hotels. Alle Einnahmen werden gespendet!

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Michalsky Stylenight

Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2011


incl. concert „Alphaville“, „Tron“ german premiere, dj set „Tiefschwarz“
Agency: Nest One

10. Berliner Hoffest von Klaus Wowereit

Freitag, 17. September 2010


Zum nunmehr vierten Mal war der Sage Hospital e.V. vom regierenden Berliner Bürgermeister Klaus Wowereit eingeladen worden, das Krankenhaus auf seinem alljährlichen Hoffest im roten Rathaus zu präsentieren.

Im Rahmen der vom Sage Club und Roomdivision ausgerichteten Aftershowparty im roten Rathaus wurde in Zusammenarbeit mit Manteuffel Entertainment und diephotodesigner.de eine Infolounge eingerichtet, wo man sich über das Projekt und die Hintergründe informieren konnte.

Klaus Wowereit liess es sich als Schirmherr nicht nehmen, interessierten Gästen das Projekt persönlich zu erläutern. Wir bedanken uns sehr für dieses langjährige Engagement.

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Michalsky Stylenight

Sonntag, 11. Juli 2010


Berlin Fashionweek

Michalsky Stylenight | Fashion: Michalsky, Maharishi, Yma
Agency: Nest One

ADC Gipfel 2010

Dienstag, 08. Juni 2010


Art Directors Club – Award Show 2010 Frankfurt a.M.
Agencies & Architecture: CE+CO, Verena Moll, Franken Architekten

Eingedeckt! The work, the show, the party

Donnerstag, 20. Mai 2010


It was a successful night for Sage Hospital.

After 2 nights of building 180 people listened to the literary performance „Der ewige Brunnen“ of Ben Becker and had a delicious meal. After the dessert the famous Band The BossHoss started the party with an unplugged live concert followed by the house dj Divinity. The ones who stayed longer than the rest had the chance to be part of a spontanous privat concert of Ben Becker and his old friend Yoyo Röhm.

In the end we got about 15.000 euros for the Sage Hospital. This money will help us to pay the costs until the end of the year and to bring necessary stuff to Senegal in October.

Many thanks to all guests, sponsors and the people who helped us running this project.

Pictures in cooperation with Peer Schröder

Please visit and support the Sage Hospital:

Mille Miglia, 63rd IAA Frankfurt am Main

Sonntag, 27. September 2009

An old BMW 328 Mille Miglia from 1940 running the round course at the BMW exhibition booth every hour was one of the highlights at the Motor Show.

Press conference BMW Group, 63rd IAA Frankfurt am Main

Donnerstag, 17. September 2009


Lead agency: Bluescope Berlin
Photos in cooperation with Dirk Daehmlow.

Tui „Mein Schiff“ Hamburg

Freitag, 15. Mai 2009


Nest One (former Eventlabs) created an event in Hamburg for the new ship „Mein Schiff“ from TUI.

It was divided in two parts:
The first part took place at the harbour in Hamburg with a show and a concert.
The second part happened at the same time on board of the ship with about 3000 invited guests.

Both Parts meet for about 1,5 hours with a common concert. While continuing the party in the harbour the ship and his guests drove to the island „Helgoland“ and returned at the next morning.

Photos in cooperation with Dirk Daehmlow.

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Made In Berlin, Milan

Dienstag, 21. April 2009


During the interior and designshow „Zona Tortona“ in milan six Berlin designers presented their newest products at the exhibition „Made in Berlin“. Supported by CREATE BERLIN and DMY they showed their creations for one week during the annual furniture show.

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Crystal City Mind, Tatorte Köln

Sonntag, 18. Januar 2009

Design braucht Täter - Passagen 2009

Crystal City Mind is part of the design exhibitionTatorte 2009 and shown at the Passagen during the annual Cologne Furniture Fair.

In cooperation with Coordination and Dirk Daehmlow.

Crystal City Mind, Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin

Sonntag, 04. Januar 2009


Crystal City Mind is part of the design exhibition „Create Berlin“ and is shown at the „Neujahrsempfang der Kreativen“ in the Temporäre Kunsthalle in Berlin-Mitte.

It is the the first exhibition 2009 in town which remembers the 20th year after the german wall was going down and reflects about various aspects.

In cooperation with Coordination and Dirk Daehmlow.

BMW 7 Series Dealer Drive Event, Munich

Montag, 13. Oktober 2008


Concept & Architecture: Bluescope

Crystal City Mind, Tent London

Mittwoch, 17. September 2008

Dray Walk Gallery / Truman Brewery in context of the Designfestival TENT

Crystal City Mind from COORDINATION and DIEPHOTODESIGNER.DE make guest appearance in London.
Crystal City Mind is part of the design exhibition „Create Berlin Goes London“, taking place from 18-21.09.08 in the Dray Walk Gallery / Truman Brewery in context of the designfestival Tent.

After Milan, Tokyo, Moskow, Paris, New York, and Shanghai, the Berlin design network CREATE BERLIN will be guests this year in London. Double teams from design, fashion, media design and photgraphy have organized a unique experience to make the Berlin design scene known in foreign countries. 20 selected teams from a highly prestigious jury, are presenting during the London Design Week from 18-21.09.08, their intelligent and amusing ideas themed, “Citizens of Berlin, 20 years of creativity.”

For more information:

IFA Opening Gala, Berlin

Donnerstag, 28. August 2008


Agency: Vitamin E

BMW 7 Series Worldpremiere, Red Square Moscow

Sonntag, 06. Juli 2008


For the worldpremiere of the new BMW 7 Series Atelier Ratz planned the largest sandclock in the world.
They built it right beside the Red Square in Mowcow.
For 3 days more than 200.00 silver plasticballs fell down and let a BMW 7 come out at the last evening.

The Helping Hounds Of Hell

Freitag, 25. Januar 2008


The charity and exhibition project THE HELPING HOUNDS OF HELL was founded to raise money for the SAGE HOSPITAL in Senegal / West Africa.

It was Initated by the designstudio Groupe Dejour and in cooperation with the Gallery Heliumcowboy Artspace Hamburg and the Sage Club Berlin.

34 international designers and streetartists were invited to use 100 skateboards for working out their ideas about africa. The results were shown and sold during two exhibitions at the Neurotitan Gallery in Berlin and in Heliumcowboy Artspace in Hamburg. All people participating in this project worked without commercial aims. DIEPHOTODESIGNER.DE are founding members of the SAGE HOSPITAL e.V.

We would like to thank all the people who helped to make this project happen and become.

for more information:

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MINI Double D

Dienstag, 01. Januar 2008


For MINI Lifeestyle DIEPHOTODESIGNER.DE produced a shooting of an old english bus. The bus from 1961 – the year of the first MINI – was rebuild and designed as a shop at the ground floor. At the first floor they built a lounge. The bus is moving to various events all over Europe.

Concept of bus: Stephan Ponikva
Graphics calendar: Start, Munich
Photos in cooperation with Dirk Daehmlow.

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BMW x5, Dealer Drive Event Valencia

Mittwoch, 14. Februar 2007


Architecture: Bluescope
Photos in cooperation with Dirk Daehmlow.

Volkswagen IROC Worldpremiere

Donnerstag, 24. August 2006


Agency: Eventlabs (now Nest One)
Photos in cooperation with Dirk Daehmlow.

Strandkai Hamburg

Sonntag, 10. Juli 2005


Agency: Eventlabs (now Nest One)

Eley Kishimoto Fashion Show Paris

Montag, 27. Juni 2005


Agency: Eventlabs (now Nest One)

Volkswagen Project Fox

Freitag, 01. April 2005

0503 project fox

For the presentation of the new Volkswagen Fox the former agency Eventlabs (now Nest One) created a very special event in Copenhagen.

They invited various international artists to redesign a complete hotel with 67 rooms.
At the same time they built a temporary club in an old warehouse at the harbour an ran it for four weeks with daily dinner, concerts and dj’s.
The third location was an old hall where they installed a gallery. 7 teams of artists used each each a real car for an art installation.

Agency: Eventlabs (now Nest One)
Photos in cooperation with Dirk Daehmlow.

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