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What a perfect day! – The Movie

Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2011

Thanks to Lars and Flo from Voodoopop and Ingo Brunner for making tis movie possible – thanks to Dr. Motte & Robert Babicz for the sound!

A container for Sage Hospital II

Dienstag, 14. Dezember 2010


In the morning of the 6th of november our group and the container reached the SAGE HOSPITAL in Warang, Senegal. During the autumn we collected needful things and shipped the container from berlin at the 6th of october.

We were very happy that everything we packed was still there. Thanks to our sponsors and partners we could transport about 30 m3 of urgently needed equipment, furniture and consumer goods.

Nearly half of the village came to see and help bringing the staff into the hospital. It was the beginning of a ten days work for nine members and friends of the SAGE HOSPITAL e.V.

Within the next weeks we will show you some image series of our visit and work and tell you some facts of the project which runs since 2003.

Pictures in cooperation with Peer Schöder and Dirk Daehmlow.

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A container for Sage Hospital

Donnerstag, 21. Oktober 2010

Durch die Unterstützung der Spedition ITG und zahlreicher Firmen und Privatspendern konnten wir heute den diesjährigen Container für das Krankenhaus beladen.

Vorausgegangen war ein halbjährlicher Marathon durch Behörden und Zoll. Zusammen kamen fast 30 Kubikmeter Hilfsgüter. Die Liste umfasst notwendige Technik und Ausstattung, wie Tische und Regale, Krankenbetten, Matratzen, drei Rollstühle und über 20 Paar Krücken, Medikamente, Verbandsmaterial, Infusionslösungen und Kanülen. Daneben Schulmaterial, wie Stifte, Papier und Schulranzen aber auch Kuscheltiere und 250 Wasserbälle für die Kleinsten.

Wir bedanken uns bei allen Unterstützern und Spendern, dem Packteam und allen, die uns auf diesem Wege begleitet haben.

Besonderer Dank gebührt den Firmen Otto Bock und BBraun, die die Lieferung unbürokratisch und praktisch in letzter Minute noch mit ihren Produkten vervollständigt haben.

Eingedeckt! The work, the show, the party

Donnerstag, 20. Mai 2010


It was a successful night for Sage Hospital.

After 2 nights of building 180 people listened to the literary performance „Der ewige Brunnen“ of Ben Becker and had a delicious meal. After the dessert the famous Band The BossHoss started the party with an unplugged live concert followed by the house dj Divinity. The ones who stayed longer than the rest had the chance to be part of a spontanous privat concert of Ben Becker and his old friend Yoyo Röhm.

In the end we got about 15.000 euros for the Sage Hospital. This money will help us to pay the costs until the end of the year and to bring necessary stuff to Senegal in October.

Many thanks to all guests, sponsors and the people who helped us running this project.

Pictures in cooperation with Peer Schröder

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Sage Hospital – Senegal

Samstag, 17. April 2010


The Sage Hospital is located in the Senegal 80km south of Dakar.

Initiated by two stewardesses members and friends of the Sage Club Berlin and founded the non-profit association Sage Hospital e.V. in 2003. They declared to support the hospital for 10 years.

Now the house is reconditioned for the second time and equiped with an ambulance, needed technik and consumer goods. The team of Dr. Amie Labou and 6 nurses care for about 700 patients per month. Beside this they especialliy care for babys and children. So there are born about 60 babys ervery year.

To generate money for this project the Sage Club in cooperation with and Manteuffel Entertainment yearly organised charity events like partys, open-air & classical concerts and art exhibitons in Berlin and Hamburg. Further a lot of private people spend money and equipment for the project.

Only by the assistance of many people a permanent success and thus an assistance for local humans is possible.

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New website for Sage Hospital

Samstag, 17. April 2010


Together with Branko May (./bin/ concepted and designed the new website of the Sage Hospital. It shows informations about the project, the team and what happend in the last years. In more than 120 articles in three languages you can see about 780 pictures sorted by themes.

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The Helping Hounds Of Hell

Freitag, 25. Januar 2008


The charity and exhibition project THE HELPING HOUNDS OF HELL was founded to raise money for the SAGE HOSPITAL in Senegal / West Africa.

It was Initated by the designstudio Groupe Dejour and in cooperation with the Gallery Heliumcowboy Artspace Hamburg and the Sage Club Berlin.

34 international designers and streetartists were invited to use 100 skateboards for working out their ideas about africa. The results were shown and sold during two exhibitions at the Neurotitan Gallery in Berlin and in Heliumcowboy Artspace in Hamburg. All people participating in this project worked without commercial aims. DIEPHOTODESIGNER.DE are founding members of the SAGE HOSPITAL e.V.

We would like to thank all the people who helped to make this project happen and become.

for more information:

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Sage Hospital Senegal

Montag, 01. September 2003


The Sage Hospital is located in the small village Warang 80km south of Dakar.

Initiated by two stewardesses, members and friends of the Sage Club Berlin and founded the non-profit association Sage Hospital e.V.

It will support the hospital with equipment, consumer goods and the salaries for the doctor and nurses.
To generate money for this project the Sage Club in cooperation with and Manteuffel Entertainment will yearly organise charity events.

Branko May (./bin/ and concepted and designed a website with informations and pictures of the hospital.

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